Xinhua: Iceland could process, reexport Greenland minerals

A Xinhua article from yesterday, mostly devoted to extolling the opportunities offered to Iceland by the FTA with China that took effect on July 1, at one point quotes Hafsteinn Helgason from engineering firm EFLA as suggesting some of the ore extracted from future Greenland mining projects could be processed in Iceland. While Greenland “wouldn’t be able to process those mineral resources without investing large sums in infrastructure, building power plants and attracting labour,” Iceland already has all of these and could thus become a “processing hub”.

The article also brings up the large deep-water port projected at Finnafjörður by Germany’s Bremenports, from which not just CNOOC’s oil from Jan Mayen, but also perhaps Greenlandic minerals could be exported to China. EFLA are involved in that project.

Islandsbloggen has recently written about the Finnafjörður port project and its discontents, nearby farmers unhappy with the idea. Construction could begin in 2018.

For those who care: Xinhua is transcribing Finnafjörður (‘Finni‘s fjord’) 芬纳湾 Fenna wan.

One thought on “Xinhua: Iceland could process, reexport Greenland minerals

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