Hålogaland bridge hits the Serbian news

“Novi Sad company builds bridge in Norway,” reports Radio Television of Voivodina, quoting information from the Norwegian Embassy in Serbia. The bridge in question is of course none other than the Hålogalandsbrua in Narvik, and the Serbian company VNG, a partner of Chinese state-owned contractor Sichuan Road and Bridge Group (SRBG, 四川路桥集团), the winner of a tender for the steelwork of that bridge last October.

VNG is a little-known company with a website under construction, but it’s connected to DSD Steel, a German group that has participated in multiple related projects in Europe, the Middle East and China, including the Ada bridge in Belgrade (which the RTV article credits to VNG, and which also involved some Chinese participation).

The bridge, expected to be finished by 2017, “is [i.e. will be] beautiful,” VNG director Zorana Brankovan is quoted as saying.

More about the background of Sichuan Road and Bridge, with its beautiful and less beautiful sides, in my article on the topic (“Hålogaland: a Chinese bridge in Norway“).

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